Our focus is on your results

From the first engagement, you’ll see that your success is our top priority. We begin by consulting with you about your goals and challenges. Only then can we begin to find the candidates you need.

Forget about the guesswork

Every individual we connect you with is thoroughly vetted through our 12-step quality process. Including personality test, technical assessment, references, in-person interview and verification of reliability before they are even considered as a possible hire.

With BCS you can:

  • Find niche talent on time and within budget
  • Access individuals with excellent communication and business skills
  • Eliminate co-employment risks
  • Hire better and prevent costly turnover


Contract Staffing

Access the tough-to-find talent you need to complete your most challenging and complex projects.

1099 IC compliance Service

Allows clients to focus on core competencies and eliminate risk of IRS misclassification of vendors and 1099 independent resources. We ensure 100% compliance, seamless payment, and administration.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Eliminate hiring risks by evaluating one of our professionals at your site. As an engineering and IT staffing firm, we know how essential it is to ensure a potential employee fits into your organization and has the specific skills required for the job.

Direct Hire Placement

Need to add someone to your permanent team? BCS will recruit, screen and interview candidates. You can choose from the most qualified to interview and hire.


Place your temporary employees on our payroll and let us take on the administrative burden of managing paycheck processing and payroll taxes.

Managed Services

Comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for employers with a large contingent workforce to manage. Seamlessly manage workers from any of your staffing vendors under one system.

Put our IT and engineering staffing agency to work for you.