BCS provides more support, more education opportunities.


BCS is totally different from competitors, who leave contractors on their own. BCS is really involved, interacting with us. We always get an answer.


The BCS team is tech savvy and very professional.

Recruitment Supervisor

BCS managers are attentive to our needs and wants as associates


The people they have placed with us are diverse and from all walks of life, always ahead and up to date with everything.

Recruitment Supervisor

Some contractors working at our company have jumped from other staffing firms to BCS because BCS treats their people well.

Recruitment Supervisor

BCS is very collaborative and very effective. They invest more time and energy reaching back to us. They do it not just to check with me — they come to the building frequently to touch base with employees working at our site.

Software Development Manager

BCS is exceedingly flexible in meeting our budget needs. I always include BCS in my referrals to colleagues without exception.

Engineering Manager

They are big enough to compete with larger competitors, but small enough to deliver high-touch, customer service with rapid executive involvement when needed. Compensation and benefits compete with the best.


I have been working at Business Control Systems full-time for more than 3 years. While working there, the training and the attention to detail was above par. They were the kind of company that got things done and did them right the first time

Senior Recruiter in Dallas, TX