Our Values

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To provide the right talent to the right client at the right time.

Since founding Business Control Systems (BCS), our focus has been:

  • To grow our business without ever compromising our commitment to a Service First Culture.
  • To provide preferred clients with IT and engineering professionals.
  • To be a staffing partner of choice and employer of choice by attracting, developing, and retaining best-in-class associates.
  • To continuously provide and improve quality workforce solutions that help clients exceed their goals.


To be the most loved talent link in the world.


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BCS is focused on developing mutually beneficial and loyal relationships. We attribute more than 30 years of success on our hard-earned reputation for honesty and fairness in business by sticking to our core values.

  • Put people first – We take care of everyone (ourselves, talent, associate, client, community).
  • Embrace differences – We see talent and opportunity, nothing else.
  • Perform as a team – We are unified by our shared commitments.
  • Obsess over results – Results are our “why”. Results speak for themselves, and everyone is happy. We learn from our results and make everything a win.
  • Live and learn – Just as we learn from our results, we also learn from our mistakes. When we face adversity, we lean on what we have learned to overcome.
  • Do what it takes – We have a warrior spirit. We think differently, fight smarter, and find new ways to delight.
  • Lead with heart and balance – We strive to do the right thing. We always keep everyone whole. We are honest, gracious, and genuine in our actions.
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Our Core Purpose:

Fulfilling lives and impacting communities.