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Technology Staffing in Dallas, TX

For over 35 years, BCS has meticulously curated a network of highly skilled professionals, empowering businesses to break new ground and individuals to reach their full potential.

We believe that grit, determination, and opportunity are the cornerstones of success in the IT and engineering fields. As a Black woman-owned business, we've faced our fair share of obstacles, but we've never shied away from a challenge. We hope you’ll join us in creating a future where innovation knows no bounds.


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Our Values


  • Respect People
    Seek understanding when communicating and leave everyone whole.
  • Embrace Inclusion
    Foster an environment of belonging, support and authenticity.
  • Execute as a Team
    Have one mission, and be all-in. Collaborate and share success.
  • Value Learning
    Be flexible and coach-able; continuously improve from experiences and interactions.
  • Be Accountable
    Take personal responsibility for finding solutions and driving results.
  • Do What It Takes
    Be tenacious. Perform with a warrior spirit, and make things happen. Follow through to completion.
  • Lead With Heart
    Be honest, gracious and genuine.
  • Give Back
    Recognized how blessed we are, be charitable and serve others in the community
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