Engineering Staffing Services

Bright Minds for Your Toughest Challenges

With over 30 years in the field, the BCS team is thoroughly versed in the myriad challenges you face in hiring engineering talent: the high demand for specialized skills, the scarcity of top-tier talent, and the urgency of project timelines that wait for no one.

That’s why our strategic partnerships are designed to address these challenges head-on, giving you access to a wide pool of highly qualified engineering professionals who are ready to make an immediate impact on your team. Let BCS be the catalyst for your success.

Positions We Staff

• Engineering Manager
• Project Manager
• Project Cost Controller
• Mechanical Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Biomedical Engineer
• Environmental Engineer
• Aerospace Engineer
• Structural Engineer
• Process Engineer
• Quality Assurance Engineer
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Automation Engineer
• Robotics Engineer
• Materials Engineer
• Systems Engineer
• Geotechnical Engineer
• Safety Engineer


Technical Staffing Services We Offer

Overcome Hiring Hurdles With BCS

Do the impossible—as soon as possible—with BCS by your side. Together, we can transform your toughest engineering challenges into your greatest achievements.